Pregnancy Calculator


Pregnancy Calculator

Pregnancy Calculator helps in determining when the women are most fertile when to get the pregnancy test for most accurate results and when the baby is going to come in this world. The purpose of the Pregnancy Calculator is to provide an idea to the couple when they are going to become parents. In today’s world, we tend to plan each and everything so does we plan pregnancy too. By using Pregnancy Calculator tools couples can easily plan in which month they want their baby. For example, May & June is extreme weather in India in terms of heat. And after delivery mother and baby need special care. Therefore, some couples might avoid having babies in these months. Similarly, if you have a wedding at home in the month of October and we all know the wedding in India is like a festival. And nobody wants to miss the opportunity to meet their relatives and friends in one place. Therefore, The couple can plan their baby keeping in mind the upcoming social gatherings by using Pregnancy Calculator.

Pregnancy Calculator Types:

Ovulation Calculator:

Ovulation Calculator is a part of the Pregnancy Calculator tool that helps the couple what is the best time to try for pregnancy. But first, we need to know what is Ovulation Cycle. An ovary releases developed eggs on a monthly basis. The egg then plunges the fallopian tube. And also if at the same time sperm is in the tube when the egg is released. There is a usual chance that the egg will be ready. For making a blossoming living being, which can form into a baby.

Pregnancy is in reality only possible if you have sex during the five days. And that too before ovulation or upon the appearance of ovulation. In any case, the readiest days are the three days making ready to and including ovulation. Taking part in sexual relations during this time gives you the most evident open door with respect to getting pregnant.

Below is the tool with this you can get a fair idea about the ovulation cycle.

Calculate ovulation

First day of your last period

Length of your cycle

Pregnancy Calculator tool is not to be used to Prevent Pregnancy. We strongly recommend the best way to prevent pregnancy is by taking necessary safety precautions.

Pregnancy Week Calculator:

The second tool of the Pregnancy Calculator is a Pregnancy Week Calculator. The maximum number of pregnancies last for around 40 weeks. Therefore, the ideal approach to calculate the due date is to count 40 weeks. From the day of the very first day of your LMP (last menstrual period). Or you can use the below Pregnancy week Calculator


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