Formybaby is my online baby.  I am Priyanka Singh a medical student and a mother of the 8-year kid. My purpose in starting this blog is to give useful information through my experience and the studies I am doing and especially in this difficult time of Covid-19 when going hospital is also scary. In the later on blogs will also cover some useful tips while visiting the hospital.

An idea of writing comes from my husband as he doesn’t have any interest in medical things and I always use to discuss lots of things with him, so one fine day he told me to look whatever you use to discuss with me I seriously don’t have any interest in it (Well you need to have guts to say things like this in front of your wife)… So he told me to write and share the things with the people who are actually looking for this information.

So, the journey starts from there. And I want to make this blog for everyone out there. You can share your pregnancy stories, useful tips, and information which can be handy for others also.